In Focus: The Maasai Cricket Warriors

In Kenya, a group of young Maasai warriors from the Laikipia region formed a cricket team with big hopes: to promote healthy living, to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and women’s issues, and ultimately to become role models in their community and ambassadors for both the Maasai and Kenya. The Maasai Cricket Warriors have been training hard, having recently left their village for the city of Mombasa to attend the Legends Cricket Nursery for further coaching. Their next goal is to travel to South Africa to take part in the Last Man Stands World Championships. The team has an open invitation and is now raising funds to make the trip.

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Oh man, their cricket uniforms shit all over our one day sides’ getup. Also, what complete bosses, spreading awareness, setting examples and repping their community - THIS is the Africa everyone should be seeing!

(via africanbeats)